Code of Ethics

The care and attention that LUX PROFESSIONAL always puts in the observance of the fundamental principles on which all relationships must be based, emerges also from LUX PROFESSIONAL’s Code of Ethics, which applies to anyone working with, or for, the company:

      • Be fair and loyal to all Clients;
      • Behave honestly and transparently in all business dealings;
      • Provide services according to the guidelines in the Company’s regulations without misleading Clients;
      • Present the project to all the people involved in a comprehensive, non-misleading and non-exaggerated manner;
      • Fulfil all work-related commitments, including training, motivation and support, with professionalism and fairness;
      • ILearn to follow procedures and any changes the Company may make overtime;
      • Maintain a relationship with all collaborators that transmits enthusiasm, energy and participation to success;
      • Take and encourage an approach that aims to fully understand each Client’s problem;
      • Be concretely and duly proactive;

LUX PROFESSIONAL’s operating methods, in accordance with the code of ethics mentioned above, are based on the latest concept of cleanness, sanitization and maintenance and take into consideration the client’s needs and requests, respecting the environment in which they take place. Cleaning operations are carried out applying the following rules and any hygiene and sanitization rules applicable.

Cleaning staff will comply with all general and specific regulations requested by the client in relation to the contract and/or the construction site and will follow all rules on accident prevention.

IStaff on duty will behave in a polite and professional manner and follow the dispositions in LUX PROFESSIONAL’s code of conduct.

In particular:

      • Carrying out the work at the established time;
      • Wearing the appropriate ID and/or checking in at the workplace;
      • Following the instructions provided by the person responsible for the work and carrying out the work according to the methods and frequency agreed;
      • Being in the work area at all times during working hours;
      • Avoiding leaving any equipment or cleaning products unattended in places other than those designated for such purpose;
      • Wearing the work outfit, properly fastened and adequate to the working environment, at all times;
      • Refraining from lingering with other members of staff, including security staff, unless necessary for working purposes;
      • Not looking at documents and not disclosing any information regarding facts or circumstances that they may have acquired by chance.
      • Returning any lost or unattended item they may find to the person in charge;
      • Never smoking during work and during breaks only smoking in designated areas or in areas in which it is not forbidden by the applicable regulations;